out of town tournaments

When do members have to sign up? I assume at the monthly meetings? What do you do when you are not sure you can or can not go? Do you sign up anyway and then cancel at the last minute? if that is the case and then you either leave a boater  going alone or strand a backseater at the last minute? I have been in that postion before and wanted tyo know what I am supposed to do and or waht I can do in the future. I would like to go to the river this upcoming weekend but I am not sure I can go yet because of I my new job.

Generally, out of town tournaments are arranged between two members.  If one of participants is unsure of whether or not they can participate, that should be made known to the other member concerned.  If someone either has a partner that drops out of the tournament, and the other participant wants to fish, he or she should contact the tournament chairman.  If the tournament chairman has a unpaired person, those two people will be paired.  In the event that both people want to be boaters, they are allowed to fish alone.