Lower Colorado River

Congratulations to the winners of the River tournament!  Nick (Pre-fish? I don't need no stinking prefish!) Meers took first place with over thirty-two pounds.  Great job Nick!  Next was Ron (Left turn!) Overman with twenty-nine pounds, followed by Brent (Insert nicknamen here) Kearney.  Big fish for day one was Cole Wright.  Cole's 5.36 edged out Ron Overman's big fish by 0.02 pounds!  Ron did get some revenge by getting a 6.41 pounder on Saturday for big fish of the tournament.  Luckily for Cole, he took the money for Friday. 

                      Winners at the River:Cole Wright (big fish day 1), Ron Overman (2nd),        

                                            Brent Kearney (3rd), and Nick Meyer 1st    

Friday, May 12, 2017 to Saturday, May 13, 2017