2017 El Capitan Fun Night Tournament

Congratulations to the winners of our fun night tournament at El Capitan!  Taking home first place and $400 was and Brent Kearney and Terrin Berry with three fish that went 13.68 lbs. 

Finishing second with 11.43 pounds was the team of Nick Meyer and Jess McNett.  They had a 5.39 kicker that anchored their three fish limit.  They picked up $250.

Finally, Brent Benish, fishing alone, finished third, taking home $150 dollars.  Brent had a three fish limit that went 11.30  pounds.

We had seventeen teams that fished.  The weather was nearly prefect, with little or wind most of the night.  Also, there were very few insects and no mosquitos, at least in the areas I fished. 

Thanks to all that participated! 

Finally, sorry it took as long as it did to announce the results.  Had to square the money with the ranger, then pack up the scale.  Finally, when retrieving my boat, one of the trailer bunks came off and had to be secured.  Thanks for your patience!

Friday, September 1, 2017 to Saturday, September 2, 2017